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Independently owned and operated, our comfortable and conveniently close Villas are a PERFECT PLACE FOR FAMILY and GROUP PARTIES OR ROMANTIC GETAWAYS

We are located on beautiful Middle Bass Island, Ohio - Isle des Fleures, the Floral Island.

Our Villa sleeps up to 6 people comfortably.  The Villa includes all the amenities of home; almost everything you would need for a weekend getaway, and at an outstanding value.

We provide pillows and blankets. The kitchen has anything you would need for a home-cooked meal (including microwave, stove, pots, pans, coffee maker (with coffee, cream and sugar), plates, bowls, all utensils and most condiments). Outside provides everything for a relaxing barbeque on the patio (including a grill, small beer fridge, picnic table, 2 round tables with 8 chairs, 2 lounge chairs for sun bathing and 2 hammocks for relaxing the day away).

If you don’t feel like cooking, there are three restaurants nearby (within walking distance).

St. Hazards - (Under new management) Offers entertainment and the menu will offer a variety of fresh foods.  For the weekly schedule of events, visit them on fb at "St. Hazards Waterfront Resort & Brewery".

- J.F Walleye's - provides an excellent menu, entertainment, micro-brewed beer, and the new blue lagoon, providing a picturesque island feel with waterfalls cascading off big natural rocks set into the landscaping.

- Uncle Joe's Pizza - Inside the Middle Bass General Store is a pizza shop.  Uncle Joe's Pizza offers pizza, subs, wraps and salads.  Check out their menu at middlebasspizza.com

Enjoy them inside or relaxing near the pool with a drink in your hand.  Shuttle busses are available to tour the island or get you where you need.

You can reach our beautiful island via the Miller Ferry to Middle Bass Island.  Bring a car if you'd like (schedule 2 weeks in advance), or walk on and take a shuttle to the villa!  Shuttles are waiting to pick you up at the dock, or they can be reached at:  St. Hazards (419)377-8286 or J.F. Walleyes (419)635-6867

- Information courtesy of the Ohio State Parks website

"Some of the earliest known inhabitants of the lower Great Lakes region were the Ottawa Indian tribe, whose name means "trader," and the Wyandot (Huron), whose name is believed to mean "islander" or "dweller on a peninsula" • Pictographs carved several hundred years ago into a huge slab of limestone known as Inscription Rock on Kelleys Island attest to the presence of Indians on the islands in Lake Erie's western basin

In 1534, France first laid claim to the Great Lakes, sight unseen, as French explorer Jacques Cartier sailed across the Atlantic and into the mouth of the St. Lawrence River, naming all of the region drained by that river "New France" • Later explorers ventured further into the continent, and in 1608 Frenchman Samuel de Champlain founded the colony of Quebec on the banks of the St. Lawrence • Several years later, a trader and adventurer, Etienne Brule, left the colony and wandered deeper into the interior of New France, eventually becoming the first European to "discover" Lake Erie • Soon after the French got comfortable in the Great Lakes region, explorers from Great Britain arrived in the far northern reaches of the vast Canadian territory, claiming that area as their own • In 1670, the Hudson Bay Company was founded by Prince Rupert, a cousin of King George II of England, to rival the thriving French fur trade

In the early 1700s, the Wyandots settled into the sparsely populated Lake Erie area and claimed the Ohio country between the Great Lakes and Miami River • There, they traded with the French and coexisted peacefully with other Indian tribes to whom they granted land • Meanwhile, the fur rivalry between France and Britain had turned into all-out war over the Canadian territory, including the Great Lakes region • In 1763, France ceded the Great Lakes region to victorious Britain • Britain's victory was short-lived, however

At the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, the Lake Erie area became part of the Connecticut Reserve • By 1795, the Bass Islands were transferred to the Connecticut Land Company and parcels were offered for sale to U.S. citizens"

In 1679, the French explorer, Robert La Salle was so impressed by the wildflowers on the island that  La Salle and his crew named it Isle des Fleures, the Floral Island. It would retain this name for the next 200 years.

We are proud to call the Island our summer getaway and are conveniently located centrally on the Island with three restaurants/ bars and shops within walking distance.  Set in the Village of St. Hazards on Middle Bass Island, our beautiful Villa offers travelers a comfortable, enjoyable, and restful stay.

For more information, contact us at:

1233 Fox Road, #4

Middle Bass Island, Ohio
Contact:  Jean (440)339-0546
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